Frequently Asked Questions

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We have a job minimum of $1000 per job. Would you like a quote?

What does your service include?
Our representative will meet you on site to establish your lighting needs – or over the phone if that is more comfortable for you – and provide a free design consultation. A detailed, itemized quote will be provided, allowing you to choose the options that best meets your goals and budget. Next, a team of professionals will install your lights and décor. At the end of the contract, the display will be carefully removed and stored.
Are you a registered and insured contractor?

Absolutely! Here is our Contractor’s License ID #: HOLLYHL774P0. If you would like to verify us yourself, we are approved by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured team that takes full responsibility over our craftsmanship, including protecting your property. How many local so called professional holiday light install crews can say the same? We have found that the easiest way to compare installation companies is by asking the crew leader to present you with their team’s active workers’ compensation files before allowing them on your property. Really, many crews choose to skip this vital step in protecting their installers!

When is the best time to contact you about holiday lighting?

Because the season is so short, holiday customers should contact us as early as possible to get on our installation schedule. We try to have all holiday displays installed by the end of the first week in December.

What if I don’t have a design in mind or really know what I am looking for?
Our representative will meet with you to discuss your decorating needs. We will examine the site and then provide you with multiple options to choose from.
Why should I use a professional service?
Installing and removing lights can be time-consuming and potentially dangerous for those who are untrained. We allow our customers to have a beautifully decorated home or business without the hassle or headache of using ladders, dealing with the cold weather, and untangling strings of lights. We’ll provide you with a head-turning display and complete professional support.
How much does professional holiday lighting cost?

We have projects large and small ranging from single family homes to hospitals and large parks. Because the holiday season is so short, and because we want to give each customer our best effort, we limit our smallest job to $1000.

Do you also wrap bushes and trees?
Yes, we have, and we can definitely wrap your bushes and trees as well! We love helping you bring your Christmas light dreams to life!
What should I do if a bulb or strand goes out?

If a bulb or strand goes out, just give us a quick call. Once we are notified of an issue, our manager will reach out and arrange a convenient time to fix the issue.

Will you install lights or decor that I already own?
To ensure the quality of the display, we generally prefer to install our own lights. Decorations provided by the customer cannot be guaranteed and will not fall under our service agreement.
Will I have to store the lights used on my house after they are taken down?
No, storage is our responsibility. We place the lights we use into climate-controlled storage for use next year.
Is an electrician needed?
In most cases, existing outlets will be sufficient to power the display. If the circumstances require it, we will provide a licensed electrician to install additional outlets, at a cost disclosed in our proposal.
What happens if there is a problem with our lights?
The quality of our work is unmatched, so failures are unlikely. However, like any electrical system, holiday lighting can have issues. We work as hard as possible to address any problems that may arise within 24-48 hours of contact from our customers.
Do you also install holiday lighting for businesses?

Yes we do!  Check out our Commercial Holiday Lighting information page.

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Contractor’s Lisence ID # HOLLYHL774P0

Contact Holly & Hearth

We have a job minimum of $1000 per job. Would you like a quote?